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God Is Not Against The Use Of Medicine!

There are believers who’re averse to medicine; they wrongly assume that for a Christian to take any kind of medication is an indication of a lack of faith. Meanwhile, God is not averse to the use of medication; that a Christian uses medication doesn’t mean he lacks faith or that …

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Little Extra Sunlight.

These days, medical experts, dermatologists, beauticians and a host of other professionals warn against exposure to sunlight as the ultraviolet rays (UVR) from the sun have harmful effects on your skin. Consequently, many now have a high phobia of the sun and all outdoor activities. While some of the rays …

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Late Night Eating – What You Should Know

Popular opinion states that eating late at night causes weight gain and may be bad for your health. Evolving trends in nutrition and weight management, however, are leaning towards the tenet that burning less calories than you take in and use (regardless of when said calories are ingested) is the …

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Vital Facts You Should Know About Water

Water is a very vital component of a healthy diet. In addition to other healthy food choices, how much water you consume can make the difference between maintaining good health and having to deal with medical conditions like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and even arthritis. Water makes up about 60% of …

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Food Choices For A Glowing Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It serves as a covering for the body, offers protection from harmful elements in the environment, helps control body temperature, and helps you connect to the world around you as the sense of touch. What you eat becomes part of your …

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