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How To Overcome By Faith!

Our faith is always connected to our need, if there is no need for it, then there will be no faith to it.

If you are trying to make something happen and it’s not happening, it might be that there is no specific need to activate faith.

Our need activates our faith. Our needs always present themselves to activate our faith.

When you find yourself in a situation where you have a need, don’t despair, it will activate your faith.

That woman, until she heard she could never have a baby, she didn’t know she could have one by faith, until she was told there was no way out.

The fellow who was healed of cancer, didn’t know he could make it happen until he was told he had just one month to live. And his faith was triggered, and he said “I shall not die but live to testify of the goodness and faithfulness of God”. And it happened.

Your need triggers your faith, that means never be overwhelmed by your need, rather let your need connect to your faith, let your need excite you, that’s the way to live. When you connect your need to your faith, then you overwhelm your need with your faith.

No need should overwhelm you, refuse to allow any need to overwhelm you. Choose to function with Phronesis, the wisdom of the just.

Your life is not decided by the happenings around you, No! You are in-charge. You can change whatever situation you face to fit the call of God concerning you.

No matter what shows up in your path, because you are not going to run through life without challenges and difficulties, but no matter what shows up, you unleash your faith against the situation or circumstance and compel it to conform to the Word of faith.

When you face big troubles, the Spirit of God will always say to you don’t worry, you can fix things for the battle is not yours but His. God allows the small troubles as a way to prepare your faith for the big ones.

So let nothing discourage you because you are made of the Word of God.

Genesis 16:13 Here Hagar called God the one who sees me. That was her revelation and understanding of God.  Who is God to you? 

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