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How Can I Deal With Bitterness & Pride In My Life?

Firstly, you must understand that God didn’t tell us to pray about bitterness in our lives or that we should tell him to take it away.

If you have hatred, malice, jealousy, self-will, covetousness and pride, you can pray and pray and it will never go because the Bible doesn’t say that we should pray for God to take them away, rather he tells us to put them off. It’s your job! He didn’t say pray them away, he says put them off.

Now, you might be thinking “I can’t do it”; that’s an accusation against God; you’re saying that God is asking you to do something you couldn’t do. You can if you will! Jesus has given you a new kind of life.

When you were born again, you were born with the nature of God in your heart, you have the life of God in you, you have the love of God in your heart, and you are a new creation. You are a new person. These things are not in your spirit; they are called the things of the flesh; you shouldn’t have them.

The Bible says, “If you walk in the spirit, we shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh”. How do you walk in the spirit? By walking in consistency with the word of God; walking in the light; God’s word is light. So you walk in the light of his word.

As a Christian, the Bible tells us that we should renew our minds; have a new way of thinking and the most important of all these is let the love of Christ dominate you.

Make a decision to walk in love, otherwise these things will take you to hell. Why would you allow anger in your heart? It’s towards someone else. Why would you have hatred? Hatred is towards someone else.

Your self-will is actually self-worship. It means you exalt yourself above others and above God’s word. Humility and love will cure these.

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